One gone, eleven more to go

That was fast, people! I mean January. Now I am hiking in a T-shirt in Gran Canaria (1st of January), now I am dropping my phone in the loo (a week or so ago). What happened in between these two highlights of my January 2016 is so random and boring it makes me wonder why the fudge do I keep a blog?


I was mostly working/grocery shopping/cooking, just like any other mere mortal. I bought some nice stuff from Zara (January sale), I discovered a new brunch place on Portobello Road, Lowry&Baker, I saw The Revenant at the cinema and it was a majestic movie, I started and finished Orange Is the New Black on Netflix (I binge therefore my life lacks important events), I got my trainer back as I discovered I am too lazy to get fit on my own, I read The Paying Guests, Orange Is the New Black, A Spool of Blue Thread and I started A Secret History, I watched Precious on Netflix, I filled in my tax return (what a bore!) and I didn’t plan any vacation yet. I am seriously thinking to save and go already to Rio de Janeiro, of which I have been dreaming for soooo long.

Oh, and I bought new shoes from Clarks on a rainy, depressing day.

How was your January?

P.S. You can read my LinkedIN rants as well, if you feel like it. Today I gave everyone a peek to my first book, Emotionally Unavailable which hopefully, comes out this year. Take a look here.


2 thoughts on “One gone, eleven more to go

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    it’s like magic… I always thought february is the shortest month… but this time january was done super fast :o) sorry for the phone… but it sounds more interesting than only to smash it :o)


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