30s are the new 20s?

No. They’re better.

When I hear someone saying they are in their 20s I feel like I am one century and a half old because I must take a moment and gather my thoughts to be able to remember anything from my own 20s. But once the memories start flowing I am oh so happy I am over all that mess.

I was all over the place ten to fifteen years ago. Chaos in my family, chaos in my love life, chaos in my studies, chaos in my head. I wasn’t set on anything in particular. I didn’t even know how to party properly. I wasn’t drinking alcohol, I was kissing lots of boys and until 20 I was saving my virginity for I don’t know what exactly. This is time I will never get back, I know, but worry not, I caught up later. Bottom line, I completely sucked at being young and free.

Source: Sebastien Wiertz

I am now excelling at being a grown up. Well, kind of.

I don’t like the waking up early part and the going to work thing. I am still trying to figure out a way to go on in life around them. But other than that I am good at making my home comfy, at buying groceries and at feeding myself. In terms of cleaning, I am very good at telling my boyfriend what to do and for when to book a cleaning lady. I am great at doing laundry and loading the dishwasher and at telling the landlord I need a plumber.

I hate paying bills, that’s why I got myself a boyfriend. He pays, I transfer him the money.

I don’t really like the transferring the money back thing, but well, he’s not a millionaire, and considering the level of my work avoidance, it’s very likely I will be a millionaire either.

In terms of personality, I have come a long way. I simply don’t give a flying shit about many things. For example, I don’t wear high heels anymore because my feet and my back hurt and I don’t care to look tall and slim because yeah, I am not. I will never ever freeze in a tiny dress again just for the sake of an outfit.

It’s cold? I am wearing a big scarf and a parka and that’s that. I take my happy pills religiously because guess what? Life is tough and I don’t have to cope with it on my own, using nothing but my inner strength.

I am not interested in a career and in working long hours for the sake of status and/or money. Been there, done that. Life is about long naps, coffee breaks, looking at things slowly, noticing the changes of seasons and planning fun stuff instead of going to meetings and making spreadsheets.

Source: Unsplash

Hmm, now that I think about it, I probably suck as a grown up as well. But I bet I will do great when I retire. I feel I have what it takes to be an amazing senior citizen.


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