I am reading The Londoner so that you don’t have to

As a humble Romanian moved to the amazing city of London, where else to find inspiration for a true London life if not from a true Londoner? Because I read Rosie’s religiously, drooling over her top model like pictures, envying her for everything she eats and does not the mention her killer body, the result of the bestest genes there are, I have decided to summarize her entries for you every now and then, in case you would rather not read them yourself for the risk of dying of envy, naturally (see what I did there?). It will be hard work, considering she posts EVERY SINGLE DAY or the fans go mad (she said so in her Daily Mail interview and I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to doubt her).

Here is the recap for this week:


The Londoner’s last post was on the 12th of August, eleven days ago. I have no idea what she has been up to these days, she must be working hard for the blog, I am sure. I am so sorry she blocked me on her Instagram and I can’t keep up with her adventures anymore. Darn it.


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