What am I working on at the moment and a great sushi place in London

I am working on this awesome project for Global Citizen Blog where I am a contributor, when I am not a nanny or an interpreter, that is 🙂

Romania celebrates Children’s Day on the 1st of June and I dared my Romanian friends to share the highlights of their childhoods with me.

It was quite interesting to observe the process. At first they were like: “hmmm, ok, but I don’t remember much…let me see, maybe tomorrow, I am not good with writing, you know…”

After countless reassurances from me that they would do fine and a couple of paragraphs would suffice and that I would do the literary arrangements upon translating anyway, they sat down to work. Almost all of them ended up writing one paragraph after another after another, formed of words of incredible emotional power, as if a door to something magic was opened by my dare.

The writings were sent to me with messages like: “writing this made me cry” or “I should have been nicer to my grandparents” or “I miss being a child” and so on and so forth.

All in all, I am happy with the results so far. I am now translating the stories and trying to put the material together. If all goes well, it should be published on Monday. I will keep you posted, I am sure you all like a walk down the memory lane, don’t you? 🙂

Meanwhile, you can read some of my old articles on Global Citizen Blog: I Travel, Therefore I am and  My Country, My Grandma. These two are my personal favourites of the lot.

As for today, due to a cancelled interpreting booking (I still get paid, though), I ended up having lunch with boyfriend. I was craving sushi and he suggested this little gem at Piccadilly Circus, at 61 Brewer Street. Taro is a tiny place that looks more like a canteen than a restaurant but I love the worn out look on shops and eateries. It somehow gives me a sense of authenticity and a feeling that the owners are more concerned with the quality of food than with the interiour design. And the quality of food is precisely the reason I eat out.

And boy, don’t they cook fine! I had Chicken Gyoza (grilled chicken dumpling filled with veggies in Japanese style) and Tempura Sushi Roll with a nice sauce on the side and I must say it was the best sushi I ever had so far.


Boyfriend had this thing below but I forgot the name. And it looks just like it tastes: DELICIOUS.


I am sorry I can’t say more about the food, I am no food blogger, as you can see. I don’t know how to critique food, I can only say if it was good and if I would go back to Taro again. And the answers are YES and YES 🙂

What other sushi places do you recommend in London?


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