Thought of the day, advice of the day and a nice pop-up for you in London this Friday

Living in London makes me think every day about how beautiful globalisation is. Things like a Romanian girl and a French boy sitting in a kitchen in London, eating guacamole and fois gras on oat crackers and tomatoes with cheese while speaking in English become so random that we will soon forget to notice their charm.

Also, how we get to know at least one person in pretty much every major city we travel in the world is also kind of great. Makes the respective place even more hospitable and fun, right?

Anyway, back to my very common life 🙂 I had the day off today so I spent the morning browsing my local charity shops in search of hidden treasures. I found a shop with all books 50 p (what a bargain!) and I bought some, of course.


Boyfriend doesn’t know how to cook and I am being understanding and supportive, meaning I am buying him books and dare him to try recipes. He has just accepted to do all the ten fish receipes in the Fish book by Rick Stein 🙂 And this is how you get your man to cook, ladies. You are welcome 🙂

I did some grocery shopping as well, I bought some essentials for my fridge and ingredients for guacamole, my new obsession.

In the bus on my way home there was this very sad, touching person, asking people for some change for food. He apparently had a sort of a mental health problem. He broke my heart in a matter of seconds. I rummaged through my pockets for some change, but I only had a couple of quids. So I opened the shopping bag and looked for a thing he could eat right away and found a yogurt can. Good enough. I got off the bus and then it hit me. I had some apricots as well, I should have given him those too, stupid me.

I can’t stress enough the importance of being kind to the less fortunate. While a couple of quid and a sandwich makes no difference for you or me, for them might mean a break till tomorrow when they have to figure out their next meal. I tend to be reluctant in giving money to people that look hooked on alcohol or drugs, but then I know how usually vice works as a coping mechanism with a very harsh reality. We must be selective and not support the begging mobs, yes indeed, but I think at an empathetic level, one can tell the difference from real and fake pain. So, give people. Please, GIVE!

Speaking of charity, what do you think of this pop-up serving cold tap water in Shoreditch this coming Friday?

“A new arrival joins East London’s trendy mono-food scene this week, opening on Friday 29 May for one day only. The pop-up, called H2Only Bar, doubles as a call to action by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. It is promoting the charity’s H2Only fundraising challenge, starting at 5pm on Friday 2 June, where supporters commit to drinking only water for 10 days.

Taking stark minimalism to a painfully sharp extreme, the bar simply houses a single cold water tap, together with cardboard cups. Best of all, each drink is free – so you can get as many rounds in as you like while encouraging all your friends to sign up to the challenge.”

As for me, I continued my day with a cheeky nap in the middle of Wednesday and I loved it! I have such a long, busy day tomorrow. Sigh.

May you all have a lovely Wednesday evening 🙂


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