Let’s have a stylish laugh: Lavi versus Rosie (Rosie wins)


When I decided to move to London, I started reading some British blogs. I probably didn’t find the right ones because I quit them in no time, one by one, all of them, except for one. This one.

It is friendly written and beautifully curated by Rosie, a stunning girl with incredible style.

I have absolutely no sense of style. I mean, if I had all the money in the world I would still look like a Romanian peasant.

Not this kind of Romanian peasant…


…but this kind of Romanian peasant…

Pic "stolen" from dventures-of-jules.blogspot.co.uk
Pic “stolen” from dventures-of-jules.blogspot.co.uk

The lady above is wearing no Hunter wellies, believe me.

To give you just one example of how lame my fashion sense is: red is my favourite colour but all I have in red is a scarf, which I bought from Bershka few weeks ago (£10). I liked one from John Lewis but I just couldn’t make myself pay £20 for a scarf. I just couldn’t. So, I am a cheap woman with no style, right? (I could have afforded the 20 quids scarf, just so you know, so yeah, I am cheap. That cheap!). Oh, I also have a red bag.


I scored it with £10 at Harrow Mall, from an Indian guy selling them in the middle of the mall.

Now, speaking of bags…Rosie invited her readers to a snoop in her  handluggage which was quite a treat.

I thought it would be fun to invite you to a sort of a snoop in my bag as well, because I laughed really hard when I saw the huge differences between Rosie and me.

Except for the style which she has plenty and I have none, she is also tall and I am not, I mean I am as tall as her legs, best case scenario. She probably lives in an area where the weekly rent is what I make per calendar month but I am not jealous, no, no, no! I own property in Romania! Beat that! 🙂

First, Rosie has, among other brands, a Prada bag. I don’t, obviously. I can afford a John Lewis scarf but I definitely can’t afford a Prada bag. Or Prada anything for that matter. And even though I have no style, I would never ever go for knock offs. That’s just lame. Hence I buy my bags from TK Maxx. You can find affordable nice bags, like these two I wear all the time.  Not at the same time, mind you.




Rosie has a scarf because she likes to snuggle in something soft. She said not to tell anyone about the blankey she grew up with and she still has so I won’t.

I have scarves because I am damn cold ALL THE TIME! I slept with a thick duvet all the three weeks of summer, can you imagine? These are my favourite scarves.


The stary one is from John Lewis and no, I didn’t buy it. It was a present. And the flowery one is M&S and it belongs to my sister.

I don’t do music, but I always have a book with me. Right now I am carrying this one all over I go (Middlesex by J. Eugenides). I am half way through it so I’ll swap it with something else by Sunday, maybe.


Yeah yeah I have an e-reader but 1) I like the feeling of reading real books and putting them on shelves and look at them and get my fingers through them every now and then and 2) I am an avid reader, buying them online would get too expensive, at least more expensive than now, when I am buying my books from charity shops with a couple of pounds or less.

I do sunnies, though! Rosie has lots and lots of fashionable shades. I have only one, from Guess. I scored it at Boots at half price (37.5 instead of 75) because I had a coupon. Ha!


I am not even gonna check how much Rosie’s perfume costs! I have two perfumes which I deeply love and I can easily afford: Armani Diamonds and Gucci Guilty.



The woody box in the background is a handmade miniature of a traditional Romanian dowery chest.

Rosie has a travel candle. I have never heard of a travel candle before but honestly, if I have a good book with me I can get into a state of relaxation similar to a mild coma. No need for candles. I like scented candles at home, though, but on winter only.

I am definitely buying that Midnight recovering Concentrate from Kiehl’s. And the soothing eye mask from Elemis.  And another thing a friend showed me on Saturday but I forgot what. I’ll have to ask her again.

I don’t do baths, I am a shower person. I don’t have a favourite shower gel. As long as I have a pair of exfoliating gloves, I can use whatever to clean myself.

I haven’t found a mascara that stole my heart yet, so I might try the Clarins Rosie recommends. I am using Rimmel at the moment and I don’t really like it. I do have a favourite moisturizer though, and my skin won’t accept anything but that. Avene Hydrance Optimale UV Rich SPF 20.


Rosie doesn’t need skin foundation because her face is flawless. I, on the other hand, have some brown spots that decided to decorate my cheeks forever, one summer, when I started taking birth control pills. I stopped the pills, I stopped the sun bathing, yet the spots are still there. I am considering a chemical peel in the near future. I am researching now and so far, SK:N seems to be the one. I am not a fan of skin foundation but I have to use it every single day. I am now giving a try to No 7 Intelligent Colour but I am not happy. I will have to move to something stronger and better. And more expensive.

I don’t do Elle or any other women magazines, for that matter. Probably that’s why I have no style?

I don’t care about wireless much. I have unlimited data on my phone and for now it’s fine. I am not a business woman, like Rosie. I am a nanny 🙂

I do have a wallet. A no name wallet but so cute. Yet I don’t use it much. I keep all my stuff in this tiny thing, a gift from a friend after a trip to…London, yes. I never used it in Romania but here it proves to be the best fit for Oyster, card, library card, yoga card, change and some notes.


I have a pencil, to underline stuff in the books I read. Then I have a hand gel for when I pet cats in the street. Yes. I do that a lot but I have a sort of cats allergy. If I touch my eyes after I pet a cat, they get all itchy and red. So I carry this with me because I don’t want to be in the position of cuddling a friendly cat and not be able to do it.


Umbrella. Because London. £1 pound umbrella from Pound Land and that is me being practical, not cheap. I keep losing my umbrellas so investing in an expensive one is pointless. Ok, I forgot to take a pic of my umbrella. It’s black. A black umbrella. Use your imagination. I dare you!

Hand cream. Lip balm. Cherry flavour from Nivea is my favourite because it hydrates while leaving the lips with a taint of pink. They don’t have it in London so I smuggle it from Romania.



What I also smuggle from Romanian is my makeup remover/body cream/whatever you want. It is an old school Romanian product, fat enough for my dry skin.


Rosie is rocking Manolos while my most expensive shoes are from Aldo and Clarks. But so comfy! Rosie is rocking watches from Pocket Watch while I have this old Fossil.


It stopped yesterday at 8.30. Now I have to change the battery, darn it. (I most def can afford a Pocket Watch and I might get one while saving for a Tissot which I was suppose to give to myself for my 30th anniversary but I didn’t because I travelled to Canada instead).

Oh, and here is stunning Rosie in a stunning little black dress. It is the most beautiful little black dress and that Chanel bag is a work of art.

And this is me, in my little black dress.



My little black dress is from Forever 21. I scored it half price in a charity shop (£3). Hahaha. In the picture I am wearing my Fossil watch that was still working when I took the picture. The clutch is for Primark. I have fancier clutches but not as big. I was carrying Fight  Club by Chuck Palahniuk  that evening. I finished it in front of the Box Park in Shoreditch, while waiting for my friend to come.

Another great thing about Rosie, besides her style, is her mother. She designs and makes jewelery and I am soon going to get my hands on this one.

acornIn silver, to go with my Pandora charm bracelet, which I love and always wear.

P.S. I apologize for the quality of the pictures. They are taken with my LG antique smart phone. I should buy another one. Or a camera. Or both. Whatever…



27 thoughts on “Let’s have a stylish laugh: Lavi versus Rosie (Rosie wins)

      1. 1EarthUnited says:

        Ok, now that’s just not fair! Yes I’m sure she’s a lovely person and all… BUT she’s still not YOU!
        We love you ’cause u’r the coolest chick on the planet 🙂


  1. robynbellsandwhistles says:

    I must say, I don’t know you, but reading your post you come across as a lot more likeable and genuine than Rosie! You’re not obsessed with labels or designers. You like things that make you happy and don’t cost the earth. You appreciate a bargain (as should everyone!) and best of all you like reading! I think you seem lovely, down-to-earth and relatable. Keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Lavinia says:

      Thank you for reading! Yes, I am not obsessed with labels, maybe because I can’t afford them 🙂 My income is limited and I have other priorities with the money I make. Also, I don’t go out a lot. Reading and writing, my fav things to do in life, require a lot of lonely time. So spending on clothing and shoes and bags is quite useless for me.


  2. cakevsscales says:

    I’ve just found your little jem of a blog & this post was such a delight to read..
    The most important thing is you seem content&to cherish what you love such as books, John Lewis Scarfs (I’m the same..just can’t part with the money sometimes) & fussing cats in the street?! So glad I’m not alone with this 🙂


    1. Lavinia says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂 I do love my life, there is nothing I want and I don’t have. I am not into material things much. I like clothes and bags and shoes but I am not crazy about labels. I buy what I can afford and make the best of it. My interests are far from material and I find the greatest pleasure in books, writing, quality time with interesting people, travelling….This entry was intended to be a bit sarcastic without offending Rosie. I don’t know her and I know people are different. We all find pleasure in different things. To each their own 🙂


      1. cakevsscales says:

        Honestly..It’s such a beautiful post that I’d love to link it on my blog when I do a round up of post’s I’ve enjoyed reading this lately if that’s okay? I didn’t feel it came across as offensive at all, what made it so lovely is that what you wrote as an more ‘relate-able’ kind of this is my handbag post and that’s very appealing to read 🙂 I have no problem with people sharing contents of beautiful designer bags, but once I stopped saving up for fancy bags (because it’s just something to hold all my crap) and brought lovely ‘normal’ price bags I felt so much more content and free of having to a certain mould. A happy mind find’s pleasure in the small things, not the material things..x


    2. Lavinia says:

      Of course you can link your blog to my post! That would be lovely. I am new in London and I would like to attract more readers and meet bloggers, I just don’t know where to start 🙂


    1. Lavinia says:

      Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. I don’t envy Rose, not at all. Her lifestyle is not for me. For one thing, I couldn’t take so many pictures in every second of my life. When I eat out and food comes, I want to eat not take one billion pics. :)))


      1. ihartsnow says:

        Oh good, because you have a contentment that anyone would envy. I totally agree about the pics..it’s difficult to enjoy what’s going on around you when you’re concentrating on documenting it, but that’s the life of a professional blogger. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure.


  3. Freda says:

    Please don’t compare yourself to Rose! Everything she features on her blog has been given to her in exchange for the publicity (the exception being her fake Prada bags from Ioffer)- read carefully, and you’ll notice EVERYTHING is her favourite… for all of a week!
    You write really well, you’re funny, and not afraid to laugh at yourself – I’d definitely say you’re ahead in the game x


    1. Lavinia says:

      Hi Freda! Well, I had no idea. I just thought she is a rich girl that has it all. So lame to wear a fake bag! :))) I have found the GOMI forum and I have learned more about Rosie and her life. If that is true, well…I am glad I am not her 🙂


  4. se1 says:

    Your blog is interesting and you seem like a smart girl. I read the Londoner too but I dont think Rosie wins, even though I enjoy her pictures and travel posts – your blog is more authentic! I loved the story about the cats and the hand gel 🙂


    1. Lavinia says:

      Awwww thanks! More authentic maybe because my thoughts and my pictures are genuine. I don’t write for money so I am free to express myself 🙂 When different companies condition your entries, your blog turns out into a curated, very detailed one. I do enjoy her pics too but I would never have the patience to take so many pics and then upload them on my blog. It is kind of boring…


    1. Lavinia says:

      Why thank you, Jenni, it means a lot to me. It is exactly the style I am trying to approach and eventually master, so it means I am getting there, bit by bit. English being my second language doesn’t make it easy to achieve 🙂


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