Hox In A Box

hox” How many people can honestly say they have slept in a shipping container in the heart of Shoreditch? Well now you might just be able to! The Hoxton, Shoreditch has teamed up with their neighbours BoxPark to give 10 people the chance to sleep in ‘Hox in a Box’, a pop-up hotel room located in a shipping container.

The shipping container will be cleverly designed in the same style as The Hoxton’s rooms that are perfectly formed to maximize comfort. Think duck feather duvets, comfy beds, 300 thread count linen, Roberts radios, fridge stocked with fresh milk for tea and coffee and complimentary water.

The hotel will be open for business for just 10 days and nights and not only will guests get a bed for a night, they will get breakfast delivered from one of the newest additions to the Shoreditch restaurant scene, Lyles, and dinner at a local restaurant.

Oh and there’s a catch, the room doesn’t have its own bathroom so you will need to use BoxPark’s facilities and of course you can pop along to the hotel after check-out and get a good drenging in one of our Rainmaker showers, all in the privacy of one of the hotel’s 210 rooms!”  Source


How does this sound to you? It sounds absolutely great to me and I’ll tell you why:

1. I love hotels. Back in the days I used to be a travel agent, the info trips were my favourite part (testing one hotel service after another for a living was quite cool);

2. Shoreditch is my very favourite place for going out in London. Because I don’t own heels and designer bags and my hair is mostly messy, I obviously don’t qualify in the West End girl category. I would swap Mayfair with Shoreditch any time. Anything goes in Shoreditch. And the entertainment options are countless.

3. Boxpark is the place to be. Going out in a container is weird and fun. Whenever I am there, I don’t miss my chance for a nice meal and a lovely cocktail at Cottons Rhum Shack. I remember this particular time when we were craving desert and they didn’t have any. The manager said he could make us some cheesecake. We were beyond cheeky so we said we’d actually have something with chocolate. He said he would make it happen. It took too long, we lost patience so we left outside to mingle. Soon, a waiter was looking for us in the crowd. He was holding chocolate ice cream for us, one the house. How lovely was that?

As for the ‘Hox In A Box’ thingy, for me it will be an experience that money can’t buy. Because I get to do it for free, that is. The container, the duck feather duvets (oh, how I love a cozy duvet), the lovely food and several other surprises The Hoxton has in store for me, the whole package. I’ll be documenting the entire experience here, on my blog, on my Facebok fanpage and on my Twitter. Make sure you are around on August 21st, starting with 4 pm, London time. I promise it won’t be just another quiet night in at a hotel.



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