Bikram Yoga at Fierce Grace

I am not getting any younger and my body is not getting any tighter. I remember the good old days when my bottom was up and my arms were not flappy. As a matter of fact, even when I was fat (my fattie time lasted for about two years or so) things were still tight and in their right place.

But it’s a totally different story now, when I am in my early 30s. Basically, my bottom seems to be rushing down as if it’s having an urgent meeting with the back of my knees or something, and when it’s a bit windy I am afraid my hips and my arms will start flapping until the point I get up in the air.

Ok, I am over reacting, it’s not that bad, but it’s not good either. I wasn’t blessed with good genes, I never did any kind of sports, except for some aerobics and pilates every now and then and my body type is not helping me much. Short, big hips and small breast. Sort of like Shakira and Beyonce but not quite, hahaha.

The biggest problem is that when I put on weight 2-3 kilos, they go straight to my hips and belly, making me look as if I gained 10 kilos. If these 2-3 kilos had the decency to go to my breasts, I wouldn’t complain that much. Probably not at all. Well, maybe just a little bit, because bigger breasts would mean I would have to start wearing a bra and I am not much into that. I like going comando “upstairs”.

Because of all the reasons mentioned above and also because depression has decided to try to have its way with me again, I decided I should go to yoga. And not any kind of yoga, but the Bikram yoga, the hot and steamy one.

I have decided this a month ago (or more) but I finally got my ass to the studio yesterday. I was nervous as hell, I even asked the guy at the reception if it’s gonna kill me. I was determined to sit on my back at the first sign of fainting and even leave the class if unbearable.

But…I made it through the class! Yey me! And I didn’t stop at all and I did the poses better than I expected. That’s my personal opinion though. Considering I have no flexibility and endurance, I think I did great. I was so proud of myself, I felt like buying myself a nice, cold beer afterwards. But I didn’t.

I deal very well with everything hot: hot water, hot weather, hot pans, hot men so probably this helped a lot. The 50 degrees Celsius summer afternoons in Romania, when I was walking 3-4 kilometers from my office to my apartment were probably my foreplay to Bikram Yoga. They surely came in use now.

I went to a Fierce Grace studio for the simple reason I liked their website. They use average looking people to market their services and that’s brilliant!

Yoga classes are not attended only by lean people that can put their leg behind their head easier than I can climb on a stool to grab a jar from the upper shelf. And it’s good when studios mention this on their websites, to boost the clients’ confidence. That’s not my case as I am absolutely positive I am too good to be true, but I am just saying.

Two hours before the class you are supposed to have already drank 1.5 liters of water. I woke up at 10, my class was at 3 so I had to drink all that water in like three hours. I was drinking and peeing and drinking and peeing and drinking and peeing…

I arrived at the studio at 2.30. I peed twice until the class started. During the class I had more water, like 1 liter maybe, so once the class finished, I went straight to the bathroom, you can imagine. At one point I was seriously thinking I should change my name from Lavinia to Laweenia.

Then I took a hot shower (I know, I am crazy but I love a hot shower even if it follows a workout at 40 degrees Celsius) and it was quite an experience. I have never showered in the company of women before. I’ll probably get used to that.

The funniest thing was that when packing for yoga, it skipped my mind my knickers would be soaking wet as well, along with all my workout attire. So I had no choice but to go comando both “downstairs” and “upstairs”. It was a windy day and I had a summery, flowing dress, not very long, so it was quite challenging not to end up in a Marilyin Monroe pose.

Bikram Yoga got me exhausted. But good kind of exhausted. I felt serene and relaxed last night, even if I was dead tired. This morning I was still filled with energy so I went for jogging and working out in the park and it felt great. I am thinking I might even have a chance to finish the 5k marathon one way or another, walking or maybe crawling.

Bottom line, I am hooked to Bikram Yoga now. I liked everything about it and the easy going instructor helped a lot. I will keep doing it until I can put both my legs behind my head while sipping a coffee. (Not in this life, for sure, but dreaming is fun, right?).

P.S. Fierce Grace didn’t pay me to talk nice about them, ok? 🙂



5 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga at Fierce Grace

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