Girls Night Out at Bill’s at Hoxton Square

Last week I went to Bill’s at Hoxton Square and I had the best night in London so far.

As a girl, you never know how much you need a girls night out until you don’t have one for months (six months in my case) for the simple reason you don’t have girlfriends.

Only the girls who moved at least once from one country to another know it is not that easy to befriend other girls. Ok, let’s not generalize, it’s not fair to do that. I mean, for me it was always hard to make friends with other girls. I am friendly but quite reserved and I am picky as well. Loneliness doesn’t bother me that much to accept just anybody in my life. I like my friends to be in a certain way and I never settle for less. Which is probably wrong, I don’t know.

But I am digressing, as usual. Bottom line, I have some lovely girlfriends now and last week we had a perfect night out at Bill’s at Hoxton Square.Β 

The place has a rustic vibe, I felt like I was at the country side in Romania. We were seated in the basement and even if I am not a fan of basements (I need to see the sky at all times) I loved the medieval feeling given by the brick walls. I love brick walls, I dream of a house where at least one of the walls is made of bricks.

We were served by Ethan, the manager himself, friendly, smiley and patient. At one point, one of us asked him to sit some cute boys at the tables near by and he promptly delivered.

Two of my girlfriends had been to Bill’s at Hoxton Square before and they had been told told that if they brought two more friends, they would get a bottle of wine for every two mains ordered. So yay! We had a tasty dinner and wine for free. We wanted to take it easy so we chose a rose.

I forgot what girls had for dinner, I think fish fingers, anyway, they loved it and ate to the last crumble. I had an avocado salad with Halloumi cheese, the best salad I have ever had and I am not kidding. I am not even a salad person, I mean, I like my salad as a side to some meat but that day I was completely full after a late lunch at Borough MarketΒ at London Bridge. I had my salad with fried sweet potatoes, so yummy. I didn’t have sweet potatoes since living in Canada, I was kind of missing them. I miss poutine as well but I doubt I can find it around here. Well, another reason for me to plan a trip to Canada soon.

According to Ethan, at Bill’s at Hoxton Square they only cook with fresh ingredients. Probably not fresh from the garden, but at least fresh from the market. He said that was ok when the place was busy but when it was quiet it was such a waste. I felt so sorry. Not for the loss in the owner’s pockets but for all the food that ended up in the garbage. I am sensitive about wasted food but at the same time I like my food fresh. I can only hope Bill’s at Hoxton Square will be always and forever busy so that they don’t have to throw the food in the bins.

I am pretty sure I visited the ladies room, yet I don’t remember much how things were in there. The visit probably happened at the end of the bottle of wine. But nothing struck my eye or nose so it must have been alright.

Well, that’s pretty much all I am allowed to say about that night. What we did there and we talked about there is top secret. After all, what happens at Bill’s at Hoxton Square stays at Bill’s at Hoxton Square. And thank Zeus, those beautiful medieval brick walls can’t talk. And we made Ethan cross his heart he would keep his mouth shut or else.

P.S. You can find Bill’s at Hoxton Square atΒ 1 Hoxton Square , N1 6NU, London.





10 thoughts on “Girls Night Out at Bill’s at Hoxton Square

    1. Lavinia says:

      It was a fun night indeed! Four girls from four corners of the planet, all of them new in London, starting over their lives, feeling a bit lonely yet so enthusiastic. I love how great life can be sometimes πŸ™‚


  1. viveka says:

    Lavinia, a brilliant review … London was my playground when I lived in UK .. fantastic city – I will bookmark this until next visit – a while since I been now .. so the craving has started. Thanks for bringing me along.


      1. viveka says:

        Lavinia, I would love that – I promise to keep you posted. Going in May to Istanbul to meet one of my blogging sister – and at last 2 in Chicago in Sept/


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