The Roof Gardens, 99 Kensington High Street

Last night I went to The Roof Gardens, at 99 Kensington High Road, to an Internations event. If you are an expat and you haven’t joined Internations yet, do it now, wherever you are, because Internations brings people together to events all over the world.

The Roof Gardens is very posh and a perfect summer location, at least for me, because I hate cold. I spent most of my time inside the club, because the heated garden only had four heaters, one in each corner, so unless I was kebabing myself under a heater, I was freezing.

Probably alcohol helps to keep warm, but I never drink that much (well, not anymore), therefore I was mostly inside during the night. But there were plenty of people less sensitive to cold that constantly socialized in the Spanish Garden. I only went out to look for the flamingos, together with my friend Mark, but we couldn’t find them, they must have been off duty or something, so we smoked a cigarette (I don’t usually smoke but every now and then I don’t mind one).

Later on, we got out the club again and into the garden, to have some beef burgers with chips. Posh place, posh burgers – 10 pounds each, but I was so damn hungry I could have eaten a flamingo. And they only have four, according to their website: Bill, Ben, Splosh and Pecks. Oh, and I broke a glass, please accept my public apologize, dear Roof Gardens, but some guys told me Obama was not handsome! The madness I felt! This is how that glass in the Spanish Garden got broken, in case you were wondering.

Despite the fact that the place was over crowded, the bar tenders moved in Speedy Gonzales style and my waiting time at the bar was always under five minutes. Lovely!

The bathrooms were being cleaned up constantly all through the night. I felt no other odor but the one of the multipurpose cleanser or something. The lovely girls attending the bathrooms managed to keep up with the lovely girls using the bathroom so I didn’t had to go through situations like: OMG, the toilet paper is finished or DAMN, there’s no soap. And that’s a big achievement, believe me, considering how often girls pee and how much toilet paper they use each time.

In fact, the entire club was being mopped constantly but this is excessive, in my humble opinion. I know you guys have standards, but when we dance and have fun, we don’t care if the floor is dirty, really! We don’t even see it! The next logical move would be to have us leave our shoes at the entrance and wear slippers, hahahaha. (Please don’t do that!).

The only thing I disliked was the queue at the cloak. I haven’t seen such a queue since my childhood in communist Romania. It went all the way from the entrance and through the Spanish Garden, Jesus! I missed my tube because of that and for sure I won’t check in my coat next time because the night bus in London is not the nicest experience one could have.

All in all, I would go to The Roof Gardens again for sure. I cannot wait for the summer, I think this is the perfect place to spend a fun hot summer night. Well, as hot as a London summer night can get.

Other than that, today it’s been six months since I’m London and I loved each and every one of them. London is so so awesome!


8 thoughts on “The Roof Gardens, 99 Kensington High Street

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Nice! Was the glass broken over said guy’s head? lol.
    Sounds like a pleasant evening, hope you got lucky with a
    handsome expat. Lots of fun experiences in 6 months time,
    wishing you new adventures for the rest of the New Year! 🙂

    What district/ borough are you staying at? Cheers Lavinia!


    1. Lavinia says:

      No No No, I broke the glass on a bar :))) And you mean if an expat got lucky with me, right? Hahahaha! It is very easy to hook up at these kind of events, most people go there only for that. It is not really my style. I live in Brent.


  2. Naz Kawash says:

    Loved the place, loved your very graphic description – I was wondering about that broken glass, made me look at the men’s heads just to be sure lol
    We’re definitely going back in the warmer days, the outside garden has such a cosy, laid back, pleasant ambiance – definitely a place to unwind..
    Best London rooftop so far!

    (PS: Not sure I appreciate the mention of girls who pee alot & how much paper they use – some are more considerate than others – ahem!)


    1. Lavinia says:

      Thanks for reading, love! Yes, for sure we are gonna spend some nice summer nights there. As for your post scriptum, I am sure you are one of the considerate ones but I am not. I use a lot of toilet paper! :)))


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