Alive and kicking!

Yup, I am alive, yup, I am kicking, yup, I am screaming and jumping for joy. Well, not really screaming, just talking very loud and not really jumping, as I am an old gal with a bad back.

I have finally managed to make my way through all the spider webs that covered my blog and write a few words, mainly to see if I still got it. I have checked and last time I posted an entry here was July 30th, which is less than two months ago, but boy, didn’t I live hard in the meantime! I have tons of stories and I promise I will tell you all the dirty bits or, better said, especially the dirty bits, but be patient, please! I am just warming up now!

Oh, before I forget, warm thanks to the few visitors that kept coming back to my blog every day. I bet you learned all the entries by heart by now. You were sweet to visit every day a deserted blog! I swear to all gods, I didn’t come here as often as you, my patient visitors. Lots of love from me, people, you rock!

Ok, so here is the scoop. Last time I wrote here, I was extremely excited for being the lousiest, yet friendliest and nicest waitress in history. I started as a weekend waitress, then the manager from another restaurant started to call me when he was hosting big parties. Meaning I was a freelance waitress. My goal was to be a freelance writer but I thought I was on the right path. Anyway, I did have a great time doing this. I met some interesting people, I heard some interesting stories, I learned to carry a tray (which I never thought I would be able to do, I am so damn clumsy!). But all in all, having an evening job is not for me. My insomnia started to kick in again, so, basically, depression was around the corner. My mornings began later and later every day so my meals were so random and wrong. I was feeling bad, altogether. I was yearning for normal days that start at 8 am (I know, one of the perks of being a waitress was not waking up early, but I didn’t know what that meant, apparently).

Long story short, before getting completely miserable, I landed a great job. I am nanny now. My duty is to take care and entertain a two year old lovely girl. So, during my work hours you can find me in the parks of London, at the Zoo or at the Aquarium, at play dates or at museums for children. Two to three hours a day, while she is having her nap, you can find me in the living room reading and having coffee, or at a pub, having lunch while she dreams of lollipops in her buggie, next to me. And the best part is that I only have to work Monday to Wednesday. So, I have a 4 (FOUR) days weekend, which is absolutely amazing and beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I could get a second job, but why bother? This job pays enough to have great fun during my four days weekend so I won’t get greedy. I’d rather enjoy my time, while I have it. In a few months I will probably start a serious, 5 days a week,  9 to 5 kind of job which will suck the life out of me so yeah, I am totally gonna enjoy this cute part of my London experience.

That’s all for now. I will be back with more in a day. Or two. Ok, make it three.


4 thoughts on “Alive and kicking!

  1. sakuraandme says:

    Hey hey, Lavinia!! 🙂

    A nanny? How cool. 🙂
    I’ve been only posting about once a week also. Real life can get busy, right? Lol
    I hope your enjoying all the local pubs. Many hugs to you, Paula xxxx


  2. Teeny Bikini says:

    Hey girl! Yay! Thanks for writing. Yup, this nanny gig is an awesome gig. I was a nanny in London once – not sure how or why that happened, because I am not exactly Mary Poppins. But the hours were cool. I also was a waitress in London for 4 days. Yes, I sucked so bad as a waitress they could only tolerate me for less than a week 🙂 Enjoy this time. Boring 9 – 5 jobs will always be there…. 😉


    1. Lavinia says:

      They should have given you a chance! I sucked in my first days as a waitress, I sucked really bad. But in the last part I was quite good at it, to my infinite surprise! :)) Yes, nanny hours are so cool, I wish I could do that forever 😦 I love having so much time in my hands, I hate 9-5 jobs! :(((


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