My British Diary Day 7: Lazy, jobless and with lice

Hey, you guys! I am now writing you from my sofa in Kingsbury, London, UK. I am under the influence of a vodka orange so please don’t use against me anything I am gonna say.

I got here last Friday, after so many hours that one might have thought I am coming from India, not from Romania. Have you ever waited one hour and a half at the baggage claim? Well, I did. At Luton Airport. I didn’t mind, though, maybe because of the antidepressants I am on. I simply took a sit and waited, while trying hard not to fall asleep.

So far, I didn’t do much in London. I spent time with my little sister, made her dinner and stuff, I saw World War Z just because of Brad Pitt, got lice, strolled a bit of London, slept like I haven’t slept in ages, tried some South Indian food which I loved, looked for jobs, enjoyed the unusual, hot London summer and that’s pretty much it.

I hope some cool adventures are waiting for me round the corner but I guess I have to leave the sofa and go around the corner for them, right?


Lavinia 🙂


9 thoughts on “My British Diary Day 7: Lazy, jobless and with lice

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    Hey congrats, you finally moved! Adventure begins as soon as you step outside, wasn’t expecting lice though! Welcome to London, I’m sure you’ll have much to write about… I was so sure you’ll move to Greece, lol. 😀


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