This is a pamphlet. And it is old. I wrote it about two years ago, to entertain a bunch of boys. Enjoy:)



This post is about men. What’s new in that, you may wonder, as I always write about men, like I am a manoholic or something! My bad, my dear readers. Is that I love men so much! And I find them fascinating, I can’t get enough of them! I look for their company, I like talking to them, I like trying to find out how they function, why they are so…men. The experiment is still running and I haven’t made any outstanding discoveries yet, of course. I am mostly having fun. I am looking at them slowly, I am taking my time. Either they are my friends, my ex boyfriends or just boys that I dated once or more than once, I want to make justice to them in this post. I want them to know that I enjoyed / I am enjoying every moment with them and between…

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