It is a must to write about Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day so here is my piece about it. I included few more holidays but overall, mission accomplished

It is Valentine’s Day for the entire world. And it is Thursday for me.

I am not anti love or anything, I just don’t get this holiday. I mean, I don’t get it in Romania. That Valentine dude was a Catholic, as far as I know. Romanians are Christian Ortodox and very, very proud of it. I have no idea why.

Romanians like to copy what Americans do. What they copy is not what they see with their own eyes, because not many Romanians go to the USA for holidays (VISA issues) so they copy what they see in the movies. I even heard Romanians saying they would call 911 if something bad happened to them. Which is ok, except that the emergency number in Romania is 112. Whatever.

Therefore,  we do celebrate Valentine’s day. The city center is filled with stands selling fluffy red heart-shaped pillows, on which is written I LOVE YOU. Exactly. In English. Of course, it should say TE IUBESC, since we are in Romania, but, when we copy something, we do it right. We do not know what Valentine’s Day stands for. At least I don’t. Becca said it has something to do with blood. I totally believe her and I won’t google some more.

So, Romanians don’t know what Valentine’s Day is, yet they celebrate it. I forgot to tell you this how they call it. Valentine’s Day. Yes, in English. Ok, so couples will go out for dinner tonight, single girls will go out for drinks to forget they are single, single boys will go out because it is the best night to have a one night stand. Lots of drunk girls with low  self esteem are gonna be out there tonight.

As for me, tonight I have great plans. I want to wash my hair, then I want to watch Better Off Ted, my new discovery (why do I like nerds so much?).  A guy asked me out because probably he thought I would find it romantic to have a first date on Valentine’s Day. But I don’t. Plus it will be terribly crowded everywhere. So I better wash my hair and watch Better Off Ted. I will stick to this plan, it sounds amazing. Besides, I was out till late last night, drinking sangria with a girlfriend, after going to a violin concert. It was wild. We were on the very edge of having a bruschetti snack too, but we managed to hold our horses on this one.

What many people don’t know and what Romanians don’t care about, is that we have our own love celebration, traditional and everything. I will tell you more about it when time comes. But it’s not glossy, it’s not American and it doesn’t involve red pillows saying I Love You. Also it doesn’t involve chocolate. So, we don’t actually celebrate it. We mention it, we are aware of it but since it is not the subject of any Hollywood movie, we skip it.

Romanians also borrowed the Halloween from  the North-Americans. I think Halloween is pretty awesome. I spent a Halloween in Canada and I had a blast. It’s cool to see people in costumes all over the place. The trick or treat is awesome. In Romania we don’t do it the same. There are costume parties organized but people are kind of shy when it comes to costumes. But the shy people don’t admit they have a problem not seeing the fun in wearing a costume so they start bully the people who dare to wear a costume, calling them lame.  Romanian spirit says that if someone does something you don’t feel like doing, then that someone is lame. Simple as that. The trick or treating also doesn’t work. Romanians don’t open doors to strangers and Romanians don’t give away things. So Halloween ends up to be just the title for club parties where a bunch of normal dressed people stare at the few ones wearing costumes.

I am waiting for the day when Romanians will start celebrating Thanksgiving Day. We could celebrate the 4th of July too, our National Day is in the middle of the fucking winter, we could do the American one, no problem. It involves barbecues and beer and fireworks. We are very much into that so yeah, why not?

Me crashing a Halloween Party in Toronto. Cool party. You can see the back of my head and my crooked pig tails.
Me crashing a Halloween Party in Toronto. Cool party. You can see the back of my head and my crooked pig tails.

18 thoughts on “It is a must to write about Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day so here is my piece about it. I included few more holidays but overall, mission accomplished

    1. Lavinia says:

      Yes, I am doing the same. It makes me sad though, that Romanians celebrate other people’s holidays instead of celebrating their own. I think that by not preserving our traditions we are in danger to lose national identity.


  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    I love your writing style, it’s very direct. In the states, we call it deadpan humor, and it’s brilliant if told nonchalantly with a straight face. You have natural talent for irony, farcical sarcasm… so you’ll make an excellent writer or comedian. Allow me to propose a toast to your future vocation, and voice! 😀


    1. Lavinia says:

      You know, this comment comes at the right time. I want to try stand up comedy, just to see how it feels (I don’t get nervous in a crowd and I don’t mind making a fool of myself, so it should be ok) and I had no idea how to do it. I never thought I write in a particular style. I have just searched deadpan humour on youtube and I think I can totally do this. Thanks a lot!!!!!


  2. Mad Rider says:

    That’s plain BS. Holidays, customs, rituals, traditions and so on are cultural goods that different nations or cultures have always exchanged and continue do to so since the beginning of time. It’s anthropology lesson one. But I can’t wait to read your review on the sex book from vALLuntar, since I suspect you know a lot more about sex than Catholic holidays. 😉


  3. Lavinia says:

    You didn’t get my point but whatever. As for the book, you better check again. It is RELATII EXUALE not RELATII SEXUALE and anyway, it is a book review, meaning I have to talk about the book. So if the book is about sex I will talk about the sex in the book not about the sex in bedroom. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Mad Rider says:

    That Valentine dude died around 270 AD, that’s before anyone was Catholic or Orthodox. Trust me you know shit. So stick to what you know best: sex with your ex :))


      1. Mad Rider says:

        Thank Lord the net is full of other cunts that pretend to be smart. Most of them even have better English. Bye! 😉


      2. Lavinia says:

        Wow, so much hate for someone you don’t even know. Unhappiness triggers frustration which triggers anger. Your life must be really sad. I am sorry for you. Bye now.


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