My Romanian Diary Day 44: Apocalypse, magic rocks and by the way, I am glowing

Dear diary

The Apocalypse is almost here and I have nothing to wear.  In case you don’t wanna die, it seems like a website is selling rocks from Bucegi Mountains (Romania), that will protect you when the end of the world comes. The same website also sells tickets for a spaceship that will take off from the same mountains on December 21. Nobody reveals the name of this website, though, they only show this picture when telling the news.


I would really like to see the actual add but Romanian journalists want to keep secret the identity of the seller. And in case you didn’t know, Bucegi Mountains are very special mountains, with paranormal activity, according to some people. I wouldn’t go that far but the landscape is beautiful indeed.

Bucegi Mountains. This Sphinx is an exclusive creation of nature. Amazing, right?
Bucegi Mountains. This Sphinx is an exclusive creation of nature. Amazing, right?

Now let’s please move on from the Apocalypse and from magic mountains to my incredible self. Thank you.

Yesterday, after looking at some of my latest pictures, my sister said that I look better than I used to look when I was in my 20s and that I am glowing.

Of course I like people telling me I look younger than my age, what woman doesn’t? I always joke about it though, after all, I joke about everything, nothing new here, I am a clown, everybody knows.

So I told my sister that the glow is from the skin foundation that obviously, works wonders. Between you and I, moisturizer also helps, also having a round face on a short body. But yes, apparently I am like wine, the older I get, the better I get.

Joking aside, for sure I don’t look better than I used to look ten years ago but the truth is, I do feel better, hence the glow, maybe.

I am finally at this stage in my life when I believe I have it all figured out. I have come to peace with myself. I have set my priorities. I have got rid of the toxic people.

Most important, I have finally found and accepted myself, after failing my entire life to be what I was expected to be. This was the hardest thing I had to do because, after trying all my life to be so many things, I almost forgot how it is to be myself.

Once I understood and accepted that I am happy when I do things my way and my way sometimes is not the way I am expected to do things, all changed for the better. I felt relieved. I guess that is when I actually started glowing.

I had a big life so far. I lived things I didn’t even dream of. I can’t say I did mistakes because my mistakes were my most valuable lessons. I have never feared the unknown, I have never feared the consequences of my actions and probably this was my biggest luck. I took my chances and I gained experience. Various experiences helped me grow as a person and growing as a person extended my personal universe and made me change my purpose. It took me most of my life to learn that the greatest fortune is to have stories to tell but I am glad I have learned this sooner than later. My one and only purpose in life right now is to enjoy it and make the best of it. I don’t know what this means, I guess the meaning will always change because life knows no rules.

My sister asked me what is my secret. Well, little sister, I thought about it all day today. Here is my secret: I accept who I am, I admit all I have done and I love who I have become, therefore I am glowing:)




2 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 44: Apocalypse, magic rocks and by the way, I am glowing

  1. Doggy's Style says:

    Lavinia you are not alone, I don’t have a thing to wear either. I haven’t done grocery shopping just in case.
    Have you stop to think how awesome would be if something catastrophic indeed happens?
    I mean it would be bad and sad, but sorta interesting to see that finally someone was right, Nostradamus fooled us, so did Y2K.
    Being in good terms with ourselves is the key of happiness.
    We are happy, even if we gonna die in 6 days.


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