My Romanian Diary Day 32: failed breakfast in bed, Malcovich, unicorns versus Jesus, Hugh Hefner and my domestic bliss fantasy


Dear diary,

Today I started my breakfast in bed on the wrong foot.  I was trying to get in bed while holding my coffee in one hand and the bowl with milk and cereals in the other hand, so of course, one of them spilled. I changed the sheets and carried on with my magic breakfast in bed moment, that lasted for about two hours, while watching reruns of Desperate Housewives , reading news and blogs.

Let me update you.

John Malcovich is coming to Bucharest next year, in September, at the Enescu Festival. This is a classical musical festival, which makes Malcovich’s appearance even more interesting. He will be on stage with two sopranos, playing Jack, a serial killer who is back from the death in order to share his autobiography to the mankind. The show will be accompanied by various music like la Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Christoph Willibald and Carl Maria Von Weber.

North Koreans archaeologists recently reconfirmed the lair of a unicorn once ridden by an ancient Korean king. Of course they did, other wise they will be condemned to death. I have flashbacks from communism, it is either their way or the highway. I was about to judge how fairy tale like sounds the whole story when I remembered that the Christian archaeologists found the tomb where Jesus was buried. And since no body was in it, the next logical conclusion was that indeed, Jesus resurrected and went up in the sky, so Christianity is legit.  Where is the difference, may I wonder? But what do I know…

Crystal Harris is getting married to Hug Hefner on New Year’s Eve. Remember her, the run away bride of 2011? She got cold feet then but she warmed up in the meantime, apparently. She already moved in with her boyfriend. I wonder how it is to live on daily basis in the Playboy mansion. It seems like the kind of home where you need to have your hair done at all times. At least the bra is optional.


Today I cleaned up and did laundry. I can’t tell you how much I hate domestic activities. I am lazy but I don’t like mess. Yet I hate cleaning up. So you get my point. When I am rich, I will hire a daily shrink and a cleaning lady to clean up after me without judging me. The shrink will be needed to remove the guilt feeling I will build up because someone else will clean up my mess while probably judging me.

cleaning 3

One thing is for sure, I will never ever find my happiness in an old fashioned domestic bliss. For me, domestic bliss is like this: at six o’clock I come to a very clean home (I don’t care who cleans, it is not gonna be me but it is gonna be clean or else), I make dinner (I like cooking), feed the kid and the husband, have some beer or wine, play with the kid for like two, three hours, then put the kid to bed, have more beer or wine while reading or writing (husband can watch sports or do the dishes meanwhile), then play with the husband and go to bed.

As you can see, in my fantasy kids don’t scream and don’t have homework and go to bed when I say so, husband let’s me do my thing and buys me alcohol and pays for a cleaning lady. So surreal, I know, I know but, this is what fantasies are for, right? To imagine the unreal.

I go read. Be good, lovely readers.




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