Skipping Christmas

It’s November and my grey town is turning festive. They are putting up the old, dusty decorations and the lights that are meant to give the town a Las Vegas look but they fail so the center of the town looks like a bad taste circus. Yes, I am not a Christmas person and each year, in November,  I want to take enough sleeping pills to keep me sound asleep till January.

Is it just me or Christmas is coming each year earlier than the year before? I think in ten years time we will be listening to Christmas carols during our summer holidays at the beach.  I kind of understand the rush in Romania, as we have no major celebration between Easter and Christmas, yet there is no excuse.

In USA it seems to be a race to get to Christmas asap. Retailers want the mighty dollar in their pocket so fast, that they sprint from one holiday to another without a tiny little pause to catch their breath.  Halloween is done, the next day Thanksgiving decorations are up. Thanksgiving is done, the next day Christmas crap is up.

In Canada there is a different order of events, as they celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but Canadians deal with same shit, fastfowarding to Christmas either they want it or not. And I am pretty sure no one wants to see a Christmas tree in November or listen to carols while shopping for Autumn clothing.

When I was a kid, Christmas was about presents for children. Now it is about presents for everyone. And it is not our choice, we are pushed to do that by the retailers. All the commercials on air from October to December tell us what an wonderful present each product is, brainwashing us into buying stuff for all the people we know.  I simply refuse to spend hours and cash to buy Christmas presents for all the loved ones.  Not that I love too many people but there are birthdays for that.

Pig sacrifice on Christmas

And then there is the food issue. I like food, but come on, I would like not to eat more on Christmas than I eat the rest of the year. I don’t know how is Christmas around the world when it comes to food, but in Romania it is a disaster. If you enter a supermarket, you might assume a natural disaster is about to hit Romania. They buy like there is no tomorrow. Then there is the pig factor. We slaughter pigs for Christmas. Yeah, ok, we sacrifice them but it pretty much looks like slaughtering. Every item of the pig is used: grease is made from fat, sausages are made from the intestines, even the skin is eaten with salt and garlic. For the following six months, Romanians will have pork for every meal. Then they will be surprised that cholesterol is up in the air and they die of heart attacks. Anyway, for Christmas day, tens of dishes are being cooked. My mother cooks for 2-3 days even though we never have guests. I am not even into pork so for Christmas I eat less than usual but she doesn’t care. Christmas is there so she has to cook. On December 27th most of the food goes to the garbage because she has to cook again, for New Year’s Eve. Same dishes, same ridiculous amount.

So yeah, I am not a Christmas person. I like holidays for one particular reason which is the days off. Therefore I want to enjoy my days off. I want to sleep till noon, then have breakfast that does not consist in anything Christmasy, like milk and cereals for example, then try not to eat all the cakes my mother buys or bakes when she knows I can’t help eating sweets and then go back to bed. I want to watch movies that are not about how Christmas brings families together and maybe attend some alcohol parties at night. Call me Miss Grinch but this is my dream Christmas. And because I like making my dreams come true, this is the Christmas I will have each year, until I have children, at least.


4 thoughts on “Skipping Christmas

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing the pig tradition. That was fascinating. I can’t remember the last time I ate pork. Interesting. You are right about it starting waaaaaay too early. It’s crazy. They started putting up decorations in October in New Jersey – before Halloween. I can’t wait for the days off – I do love them too!


    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Thanks for your thoughts:) Since my readers are mostly American and Canadian I decided to share a bit of Romanian customs. We have some unusual ones:) And oh my god, decorations in October? Soon they will make a mix Back to school/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s Day and set them all up at the end of August:))))


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