My Romanian Diary Day 23: I was hacked, the story of Ana Lavinia and the Apocalypse goes live

Dear diary,

I had a dream in Norwegian last night. No, I don’t speak Norwegian, I just knew in my dream that the spoken language was Norwegian. Usually my dreams are very intense, in very bright colors and sometimes they are in foreign languages but in languages that I speak or understand. It was the first time I had a dream in a language I don’t even now how it sounds.

I have found a great blog today,  a Romanian one. A boy and a girl are in a long distance relationship and they are writing their feelings on this blog. It is a wonderful idea yet the posts are too sentimental for me. I am bad at expressing feelings using words and I can’t handle someone else expressing them either. But I shared the link to my sister, she is into juicy emotions and she loved it. She didn’t chat with me because she wanted to focus on her reading. I bet she shed a few tears. She is that kind of girl. Not that is something wrong with that.

I think I am being hacked. Today, my Yahoo Messenger closed and according to the message on the screen, I logged in on a different device. I changed the password right away, but really, hacker/stalker? You find no other entertainment on internet but my Yahoo Messenger? Are you that lame? And why did you activate my archive? You cannot see what I chat on other computers! Idiot! I hope you had a blast, but the fun is over. I don’t like people in my business.

Some nations are more prepared than others for the Apocalypse. In France, for example, they have “The End of the World” channel . The new channel is available free of charge to all CanalSat subscribers to ‘prepare better for doomsday’.
In Romania, of course, no one will be prepared for the Apocalypse. Nor the authorities or the people. Even snow takes Romanian authorities by surprise and it snows every fucking single winter since forever. The Apocalypse happens once and for all.

I forgot to tell you that I have adopted new nickname: Jill of all Trades. Shane came up with it, apparently I am the female version of Jack of all Trades. This is because my resume looks like I have no direction whatsoever,  switching from a computer shop to a travel agency to a museum to a ministry and back to a museum all that while teaching English and freelancing as a translator. I am a professional mess.

You can also call me Miss Grinch, I explained today why. And since we are here, let’s clarify my name. I don’t use my last name on the internet. Ana Lavinia are my given names but everybody calls me Lavinia. Only my grandmother used to call me Ana.  I like how these two names sound together and Palmer Brown also liked the combination as he wrote a book called Beyond the Pawpaw Trees: the Story of Anna Lavinia . I was not called after the book anyway, my parents don’t speak English and the book was never translated in Romanian. I was given the name Ana because I was born on New Year’s Eve and in Romanian AN means YEAR. I don’t know why they named me Lavinia too, but I am glad they did it. It is very me. I haven’t read Brown’s book yet, I am waiting for someone to give it to me for my birthday. Anyone? Little sister? Hello?


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