Men are monsters

At least this is what I understand if I browse articles in women’s magazines or dedicated blogs. The other day I have read an article somewhere about how cruel men are because they hunt women down, then after they have them, they cruelly dump them because men only want to run free and hunt while women want to settle down.

Basically, according to this article all men are players and all women are saints. Simple as that. No in between,. Whenever I read something, I identify myself with a person or a situation from the material I am reading.  So, at the end of this article I decided I am cruel man, except I hunted down men, instead of women. Which also makes me gay. Yes,  my lovely readers, I am a gay man.  My entire life I was after men and after I had them for a while I dumped them.

I thought about why I left my ex boyfriends, even if some of them were very hard to get. Were they just trophies for me? Of course not, I love men but I don’t collect them. I simply left them because after I while, I realized we don’t have enough in common, they weren’t meeting my expectations anymore. People are different when you first know them than they are after you know them for a while. It is not because we change, it is because we don’t reveal all at once, we give ourselves to the ones in our lives  in very small doses.  That is why people split up. They find they can’t walk the same path. One of them will be the one to realize this first and the one that first becomes aware of the gap will be the one to do the break up. It might be the man or the woman. Going out of something that is not good for you, doesn’t make you evil.

Love is a game, it is true and as in any game, one will lose, unless they live happy ever after. In love, the loser is the one that gets dumped. And not only women get dumped, my ex boyfriends are the living proof. We are all entitled to be happy. And if being happy involves leaving from a relationship, then I am totally in favor of breaking up.  Not all of us find their prince easy. Some women have to kiss lots of frogs (and then dump them) before finding the one. And so do have to do men. A woman doesn’t have to marry a man she doesn’t love even if he is crazy for her and a man doesn’t have to marry a woman he doesn’t love, even if she loves him madly. So why all the hate? Why do women think they have the right to do some things and by doing them they prove to be independent but when men do the same things, they are classified as monsters?


4 thoughts on “Men are monsters

    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Yes, in time we understand things we fail to see right away. No person that dumps another person is a monster and no person that gets dumped is a loser. It all changes for the better eventually.


  1. Shane says:

    I hear this. It’s about paths. So often we meet people and we feel like we’re on the same path and start walking together. Sometimes, however, the paths diverge. It can be painful, but it happens. It doesn’t mean anybody is doing anything wrong, it just means there’s no more resonance.


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