My Romanian Diary Day 18: Weekend is when you do nothing and then rest

Dear diary,

I am stuck again in the middle of my novel. I keep writing but I am slow and I don’t feel the usual joy I feel when writing. It is the second time I am stuck in the same point. I have a plan, I know exactly what I should write about and how to write it but somehow, the story doesn’t want to come out. I have said it before, a novel has a life of its own and even if it is coming to life through a writer, it is not coming to life when the writer wants to. I will keep trying. I have reached 28.000 words already, I have at least 18.000 to go. I have to do this. Apparently, this story doesn’t want me but I want it. I need it. It is man versus novel now. Let the battle begin.

This day had its way with me. I did nothing according to the plan and everything I did, I did it compulsively. I slept too much, like 14 hours, then I had too much coffee. Why did I need coffee after all this sleeping, is beyond me. I ate too much and I watched too much New Girl. The thing is I don’t even like this sitcom. This is the reason I decided not to download TV series very often anymore, because I can’t watch an episode or two, like any other human being, I watch like half a season a day and this is creeping me out. I do the same with chocolates. If I have a box of chocolates, I open it and eat them all. Most of the people open the box and take one chocolate every now and then. I don’t know how they do it. Well, I guess I get easily addicted. I should stay away from drugs and alcohol because for sure they could get me in no time. And that would be such a pity for a control freak like me.

Enough complaining, I am going back to doing nothing, now. While having a snack, maybe.

Take care, lovely readers.

Lavinia Vanilia


4 thoughts on “My Romanian Diary Day 18: Weekend is when you do nothing and then rest

  1. Shane says:

    Oh, Lavinia, it seems we share situations right now.

    My novel is not coming peacefully. I have been dragging it through the muck and mire of my sub-conscious for the last week at least.

    I can also relate to the way you watch television. I’ll go through time when I don’t watch anything, but then I’ll get wind of a show. Then get the show. Then… a weekend goes by and so does a season of the show.

    Alas. I think I’m like that with music, too. And reading. I won’t get enough of an author and then I’ll be done with them for a while. Feast or famine. Feast, famine, feast, famine.

    In any case, I need to get back to that damned novel. It’s sitting on my screen, the cursor is blinking at me angrily. As if I should be in charge of it’s forward progress! I never asked for such an important responsibility.

    Good luck with yours!



    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Yes, we are on the same page today:) You are right, you said it better than me. It is either feast or famine. The thing is I feel guilty after each of them. I would like to find a balance, but it seems very difficult. Probably I have to try harder. Or probably I have to get rid of guilt and enjoy both the feast and the famine.

      Good luck with your novel, too:)


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