You Incomplete Me

It all started with a yes.

We both said yes…

…not at the same time.

We took turns. He said it first…when the priest asked him…

Then she said it. And then we kissed.

It was nice for a while. I really loved him.

I loved her too. I still do…

No, you don’t. You never listen to me anymore!

I do listen to you! But you think everything I do is wrong. And you keep insulting me…

I do not insult you. I just…describe you.

See? That’s an insult.

You never care about anything but yourself. You are so selfish!

I do care! I took you to vacation to England. And I hate rain.

It didn’t rain that much…

You are selfish too. Sometimes you don’t even speak to me. You sit on the sofa for days and read books. You don’t say a word to me…For days!

Because I need my time, sometimes…

You need your time more often than ever…

I am doing some soul searching…

You are searching for your soul in „50 Shades of Grey”???

Well…It was the best sex I had in months! In years, maybe…

You mean I am not good in bed?

Just saying…

You are mean!

Oh, that you’ve heard! But when I told you to buy me some red wine, you didn’t hear!

I bought you wine! Except I got white one. I misunderstood! It was an honest mistake…

If you had listened, you would have understood correctly…

Oh, come on…You are just using this as an excuse to divorce me…

Wait, what? Are you divorcing him over wine?

Yes, she does!

No, I don’t! I mean …I do…but in fact, I don’t…I don’t know…It’s  just that …you… you…incomplete me…


18 thoughts on “You Incomplete Me

    1. Ana Lavinia says:

      Thank for reading, Fifi. Yes, my intention was to show how we can talk a lot and not really say what is important. There would be less misunderstandings in this world if people just spoke their mind. At least this is what happens to me. I say what bothers me when it is already too late.


    1. Lavinia says:

      Thank you, John:) These conversations happen on the coaches all around the world, people incomplete each other all the time, so sad. I am sorry it happened to you too.


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