My Romanian Diary Day 7: Obama wins, Suzy song and Indian food


Dear diary,

I feel like crying and I curse my life every morning when I hear the alarm clock. I am not a morning person. I hate morning people. And mornings. And people, sometimes.  Anyway, today I couldn’t wait to wake up, to see who won the USA elections. You wonder why do I fucking care about what happens in the USA. Well, because as far as I have noticed, when USA catches pneumonia, the entire planet sneezes. Because the political regimes around the world seem to have their rises and falls according to White House’s desires and interests. For example, communism in Europe fell when Reagan decided to.  Another reason for more countries to care who is the president of the USA is the war issue. A pro – war president means that all countries in NATO will have to send troops in the war zone. Did you know that Romanians fought in Irak and Afghanistan wars that were not theirs to fight? Bottom line, I was glad Obama was re-elected. I started the day well. I even wrote 3000+ words for NaNoWriMo. Thank you, Obama. You made my day.

In Romania there is gonna be elections for senators in December. My boss is running and I hope he wins. Then I can say I know a senator. That would be so cool. I even have him on my Yahoo Messenger list. Probably I will have to start a new group there, called Senators. Other than that, Romania is pretty stable now. We have the same government since June. From January till June we had two governments. So yeah, almost half an year with the same government is kind of unbelievable, almost a miracle. A political miracle.

As you can see, nothing happens to me in Craiova, Romania. Another reason why I wanna leave this country is because I don’t want to live my entire life without anything happening to me.  The town is small and the people are the same ever since I know myself. There are no tourists coming here and the international students studying here are very few. Basically, you have to speak with the same people all your life. When you talk to people you haven’t  talked before, there are two options: either you know them by sight and you have heard some gossip about them or you have never seen them before but at least one friend of yours knows them or knows something about them. In my town, everybody is one click away, tops. Chances to meet brand new people that will blow your mind with their different views and backgrounds are non existent. And this is ok, if you like this. If you are into routine and tranquility, this is the place to be. But I don’t like it. I have an international conscious and a very open mind. I belong to the world. I don’t belong here. I fitted really well in Toronto, so I guess I need to be in a big, multicultural city. If not Toronto, then New York. Or something like that, you get the point. You can imagine what Craiova is for a person that felt like home in Toronto. Prison! Well…few more years, dear diary. Few more years and I am out of here. I feel like I am doing time, sometimes, really…So sad

Therefore, because my existence here is so dull, when speaking about my day, I feel like trolling my own posts, I swear. Keeping  a public diary when nothing happens to you is not easy. But I am starting to like it. And in ten years time, when I am Canadian citizen, I will read this and probably I will miss my homeland less.

Let’s see…What else? Oh, right. I wanted to tell you I am very grateful for internet in general and  blogs in special. I like browsing blogs from all over the world and read about random stuff people post. It is amazing the amount of things you can discover. Today I was checking out the blog of a Torontonian I found on NaNoWriMo website and this is how I have learned about electro swing. Suzy song he added to his post got me right away.

Anyway, enough trolling. Let me get back to my day, which finished in a very nice way, yet a bit sad. It was a kind of a last supper, consisting in a sort of Indian food, cooked by a Sudanese. I said good bye to my lost-for- ten-years- plus-and-recently-found friend. I will tell you this story some other time. Now he is leaving again. At least now we have enough technology to keep in touch. Last time he left, I didn’t even have a cell phone, not to mention email. In fact I didn’t even have internet. Or a computer. But now we have facebook and skype and viber and wassap and smartphones and laptops.  So yeah, we will not lose track of each other again.

That’s all for today. See yaaa.




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