It’s Friday. It’s cold and rainy. The air smells like winter and the hot coffee smells like you want to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a black, purring cat. 

Emily is early at work and in a great mood. She is in a hurry to finish her duties as soon as possible so that she has plenty of time to get ready for the big night. John finally asked her out! It took him about two months, two months of very mixed signals that kept sending her from heaven to hell and back. So now she hopes the date will go nice and smooth because she really likes him.

Emily wants to get home early to have plenty of time for all the prep she needs to do before the date. She is really into John, she wants to make herself so pretty that John wouldn’t take his eyes off her. She is planning to style her hair, maybe do some loose curls, to have a relaxing bath, and to do her nails in a bright colour, maybe pink. On her way home she also has to pick up her dress from the dry cleaners.

Therefore, there she is, starting her work an hour early than usual. She wouldn’t leave before 5 anyway, but she wants to make sure she finishes on time.


Michael managed to send Jane home eventually, after a night of struggle. He is now planning to sleep till noon and then wake up and fix some lunch for him and Becky.  He is dating Becky for three months already and Jane for over two years. He wants to get rid off Jane. She is drinking too much, she is doing drugs and she is freaking jealous. She told him many times that she would kill him if he cheated on her. He wants the crazy bitch out of his life. He broke up with her many times but each time she came back to him few days later, as if nothing had happened. He can only hope she will stop at one point. Not to mention Becky is starting to get suspicious.


Emily is cleaning the second floor. Becky is coming up the stairs, holding some beers and DVDs.

“It’s her turn today. The crack head was here yesterday”, Emily thought.

She can’t help sneaking a peak at Michael when he opens the door. He seems very happy to see her, he hugs her tight and lets her in, all smiles and happiness.

“He really seems to love her. Why is he seeing the crack head, too, I wonder” said Emily to herself.


It is 3.30 and Emily is done cleaning and dusting. She is now taking a walk around the building, fixing something here and there, mostly to kill time. Then she will go to the staff’s room, on the second floor, to put all materials in order and read a magazine, before going home.


The scream goes through the walls and into her brain, at about 4.30. She doesn’t dare to open the door, she is scared as shit. Then she hears a gun. She hides behind the chair, praying to god for mercy. Tears are falling down her cheeks. Then silence. Too much silence. And then she hears a voice asking for help. Doors open in the hallway and loud voices are talking about calling the cops. She decides to open the door. One look, and she is back inside throwing up. Michael and the crack head are lying on the floor, in front of Michael’s door. Blood is all over the carpet. Michael is breathing, but he has a knife in his stomach.


Police cleared the space eventually. Apparently, the crack head paid an unannounced visit to Michael. The door was not locked so she entered the house quietly. She found Michael and Becky in bed. She took a knife out of her bag and tried to stab him. He grabbed his gun from the drawer. She opened the door, trying to run away but he caught her right outside. He told her she must leave him alone once and for all or he was going to put her to jail. She said ok, he let her go, then she turned around quickly and stabbed him in his stomach. He shot her. 


It is past six. Emily is cleaning the blood on the carpet in the hallway. Her big date is fucked up because two people couldn’t kill each other in their own apartment or at least after 5 or at least in a different day. IDIOTS!


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