Things women do in the name of man

Dating is trying hard to get into someone’s heart or into someone’s pants or, best case scenario, both of them. Therefore, it can easily turn into a dirty business, if we don’t draw some limits and more important, if we don’t respect these limits.

I think dating isn’t easy and people tend to make it even harder, by inventing rules, having high expectations, not being straightforward, posing into something they are not or spending the entire date taking mental notes and not having some fun instead.


I don’t know exactly what a man does before going to a date with a girl he truly likes. I assume he shaves, puts on more hair gel than usual (in case he has any hair), puts on some cologne and maybe he irons a shirt. I don’t imagine a man taking a shopping spree to buy a new outfit for the big night or going to the spa for a facial to look nice and fresh. So I guess a man’s efforts to look at his best take no more than an hour.

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