The Last Condom

The day started early, with a long ride to the beach, while craving for coffee and reading  “A Yellow Raft In Blue Water”, an amazing book she had found in the garbage room of the building where a guy she dated for a while, lived. This book was one of the great things she got out of that relationship. But this is a different story.

 The day ended late after midnight, after she introduced him to Romanian good music and accidently saw his penis. It had been one long day, with sun and water and fun and flirting and a bit of foreplay. She was about to leave his house undecided when she saw it.  It was one very crush-worthy penis.  She never fell for a penis before. His brains, his looks, his gentle and romantic acts failed to convince her but that sneak  peek to his manhood had her decide  she would fuck that one, eventually.

It didn’t happen very soon. Even though she couldn’t get him or it, to be honest, out of her mind, she played hard to get. Maybe he thought she is a very innocent girl or maybe he thought she is not much into him or god knows what  he thought all that time. Anyway, none of his thoughts was the case.  She simply postponed the moment to increase the tension. She was so sure a great fuck was about to come and she wanted to make it greater by building very thick walls of sexual desire between them.

It happened in a night she didn’t plan. She was out with Mary, drinking beer and talking about men, like they usually did on Wednesday nights,  when he texted her to invite her for a walk on the beach.  They kissed and hugged and played for a while, then he took her to the subway. Somehow, she lost the last train so she spent the night having sex with him. She was right, it was one great fuck and the more they fucked, the better it got.

They had sex for a couple of months. She simply couldn’t say no to him. That penis was awesome and the way he grabbed her ass got her ready in no time. Sometimes, he would fuck her with their clothes on, like they were in a hurry or in a rape or something.  She couldn’t remember hotter sex in her life.  It was great and sick and they couldn’t help it. They sometimes talked about how they should stop this insane relation. Then, they  would end up fucking again. And again and again and again.

That very week she decided to be the better person in this. She couldn’t cut the cord just like that so she asked him how many condoms he had left. He said about 2 packs. She said: “Once we finish them, we are done”. He agreed.  

They finished the condoms in less than a week.  She remembers the last condom. It was more intense than ever and it was like both of them were trying to make that fuck last forever.  The fucked so slow, it seemed they didn’t even move. They touched and they looked at each other, saying good bye with every single cell of their body. And so she learned how good bye fucks give the longest, deepest orgasms. And the sadest, because you know it is the last one.  












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