Books, Death, Spices, Bali, No Sex, No Strawberries. Sorry!

This post is not about men or women or my little sister, my forever topics on this blog, because I am so sleep deprived that I actually started thinking about life.

I imagine life like a book. The end of the book is death itself. Yes, I am morbid, but come on, let’s cut the crap and accept that death is the only certainty we actually have in life. Call me creepy but guess what? I will die eventually and so are you! Surpriseeee! But I didn’t want to tell you that you are all gonna die. What I wanted to emphasize is that in life, untill the very end (death), there is no other end but only the ends of different chapters of our lives. So, basically, each end is just a new beginning, on condition that we dare to turn the page.

Every time something bad happens to us, we go crazy and decide it is the end of our lives. For example,  my life ended so many times, I lost track. Instead of putting ourselves together as soon as possible, we lose so much time being unhappy. All we have to do is have the courage to  turn the page, have a fresh start and hope the next chapter is gonna be more jolly. Of course, our hopes may be in vain, because even worse things than before can happen to us. But really, I am so sleep deprived that I make no sense. Don’t listen to me. Just wipe your tears and turn the fucking page already.

I think that what spices up our lives are the choices we make. This making choices thing is kind of tricky, though. We can make choices about everything in this world but some of them are so risky that we choose not to choose, so we keep living same life forever or until we die (because we will die) unless life gets so mad at us for being such boring human beings that it cancels our realities and throws us in different ones in a second while expecting us to stay sane. It happened to me several times, I swear!

We have so many choices to make: what to wear, what to eat, what friends to make, what books to read, what shows to watch on TV etc that you might tell me that you actually make choices all day long. Dude, these are easy ones. Don’t tell me you don’t freak out when you have to decide if you should change your job or your apartment or your boyfriend/husband or the city/country you live in? These are such hard choices that many people stick to what they have even if they cry each night when they go sleep, only because they don’t dare to face such changes. I know I always freaked out when I had to make big decisions. But you know what? When I look back, I realize the greatest things happened to me when I made the most dramatic choices, choices that were against my heart or my mind. When comparing the times I stayed safe and didn’t make risky choices and the times I did the craziest things, I come to the conclusion that nothing extraordinary happened to me when I was safe unlike the times I acted like my brains left my skull. Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not telling you that you should leave your jobs and families and sell everything you have and move to Bali! This is extreme! I would do that, to be honest because I am crazy by nature and sleep deprived. What I am saying, is that you should be open to changes once in a while so that when the big end comes (I mean death) you won’t have regrets that you didn’t live enough.

As for me, I would rather regret I did some crazy stupid stuff than to regret I didn’t do some crazy stupid stuff. But that’s just me, foerever young and forever nuts.

What else? Hmm..nothing much. This is pretty much all I thought about life. I have no more stuff to add on this topic.Till the next post (which I will write maybe in Bali or Venezuela?) turn pages and make choices! Live, people! Live!


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