Project LOVE / Day 11 (the last one)

It is 24th of February today. It is Dragobete Day, the celebration of love in Romania. It is also the last day of this very personal project of mine, dedicated to love.

Love comes in many shapes and colors and makes the world a better place. On Valentine’s Day and on Dragobete Day, it is mostly celebrated the love in a couple and all the love every single one of us enjoys every day, in so many different ways, is forgotten.

These ten blog posts are ten moments of absolute honesty, ten moments in which I put on a plate tiny bits of my soul. By reading them, one may easily learn that I am a lazy girl, that I love to lay in bed or on the beach doing absolutely nothing, that I like to chaotically stroll cities I don’t know, without previously asking the gods of google some pieces of information about them and without even carrying a map with me, just in case. I am a freak, as I am head over heels for South America, a part of world where I didn’t set foot in my life. I love contemplating oceans, seas, lakes but I have panic attacks if I get in a boat or on a bridge. I take life with a laugh, I make fun of whatever happens to me, I feel my heart blossom when recollecting my  past or unshared love stories. I love being in love but I refuse to let love break my heart. I love writing, even if I don’t do serious writing. It is more like fooling around, making fun of the dear ones and satirizing the not so dear ones.

These are some of the things I am deeply in love with. They make my world go round. Obviously, I am more, much, much more than that. I love so many things, concrete or abstract, that even if I write a blog post a day, until the end of my life, I wouldn’t finish, despite the fact I will live a very, very long life.



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