Project LOVE / Day 8

I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t take life too seriously either. Almost everything that happens to me, good or bad, eventually becomes reason for a good laugh. My life experience has taught me that no matter how bad it is what is happening to me now, it is not the worst thing that can happen to me. The next one is always tougher than the last one. It is like I am kept under surveillence by someone that wants to discover by all means my breaking point. So far so good. No breaking point discovered. So, what a hell! Keep them coming!

Eventually, all problems go away, making room for new ones, so the least we can do is laugh at them, right? I laugh at life, I laugh at people around me, I even laugh at myself. If I die, I hope I die laughing.Or having sex. Or sleeping. Anyway…Since I have started writing, it is even easier. Does someone treats me bad? Ok, no problem. I don’t argue as too much energy is wasted in the process. But it is a matter of time until that person becomes a bad guy on my blog. That certain character is depicted with sarcasm and humour and almost all his features and actions are real but hyperbolic. I admit there is a very thin line between being sarcastic and being mean and I always cross it. Why am I doing that? Because I can. Because I need to express my feelings. Everyone has their own way to express their feelings. Some fight, some write on their blog. I don’t know which one is worse, it is not my job to judge. But this is how some great characters on my Romanian blog came to life, so I am proud of my way of approaching fights because, at least, I bring a smile on sarcasm lovers’ faces.

Bottom line is I love to laugh. To laugh at good things, to laugh at bad things. No matter what, I take life with a laugh. I am the first to laugh and I am the last to laugh. And I always laugh best.


Once upon a time (last year) there was this crazy Christmas in London. Lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of new, friendly people, lots of drama, lots of laughters. Exactly my taste! :)))


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