Tell Me Later

Tell me later about you, about what you like and about what scares you. Now, I want to eat a peach, to pet a cat, to dream that I will never get old and that I will fall in love every day of my life. With you… Or not…

I like hot summer days when it is yellow outside because of too much sun and the night forgets to fall over the world and we laugh until the light of stars is reaching us, sitting on benches torn by other people, in other seasons. Tell me later that winter has not left the backyard yet and let me listen to how it snows and shed silent tears while all my dreams are gone to a warm sea, on an empty beach…

You want to love me when my thoughts are black and my coffee is almost over, when I miss other times and I want to hear a voice of a dear friend whispering anything to me. Tell me later that you would like a sandwich or you would like me not to be sad anymore or you would want me to wear a red scarf when it is raining outside.

I always do tomorrow what I have not done today, tomorrow is always the most beautiful day because tomorrow it may happen everything that did not happen until now. Tomorrow everything is possible and tomorrow I am invincible. Tell me later that there is no tomorrow, that yesterday is already gone and that today is all we have…


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